About Jen

Jen Daly is a Specialized GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer. She works directly with Gyrotonic inventor, Juliu Horvath, and has experience working with a wide variety of populations, including professional dancers, pre and post natal women, injury rehabilitation, chronic pain maintenance, and the normal everyday person striving to feel and look fantastic. She believes in the power of Gyrotonic exercise to help us become our best selves, both on the inside and the out, in a fun, engaging, and effective manner. She is passionate about, and continually inspired by, sharing the work in a way that makes each individual successful.
Jen founded, and formerly co-owned and directed, Kinespirit, NYC’s largest Gyrotonic exercise and Pilates studio. Her extensive movement heritage includes a dance career, both as a performer and a teacher, earning both a BS and MA in Dance and Dance Education from New York University.
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