Consulting Services

As the founder and co-director of Kinespirit, NYC’s largest GYROTONIC® exercise and Pilates studio, Jen has had a very rich experience as a small business owner. Kinespirit began as an idea and a business loan, and 7 years later, became a leader in the mind-body fitness industry.
Jen has had experience founding a business, working with partners, investors, creative financing, marketing and PR, staff development and management, business expansion and diversification, purchasing a business, and ultimately selling a business. She understands the wide spectrum of responsibilities, challenges, and triumphs that a small business owner faces everyday. She is excited to step into a guidance role to make the journey a bit smoother and more satisfying.
Jen is passionate about helping other business owners reach their goals. Each consulting relationship is unique and based on fulfilling individual visions for success. Each relationship has different parameters and fees depending on what is needed. The first step is to have a conversation, at no cost, and to determine if her skills and services are a good fit for you.
If you are interested in learning more, or setting up a time to talk with Jen, please contact her directly by CLICKING HERE.

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