Group Classes

Journey towards a healthy, strong, & supple body.
This group class will work within the fundamental principles of Gyrokinesis exercise. We will focus on the stability and mobility of the entire body, moving through fluid and three-dimensional pathways, and opening and strengthening the body simultaneously. We will work in a safe, effective, and thoughtful way that gets the body reconnecting and awakening. You will be guided gently towards your own personal goals at a pace that is comfortable, yet still challenging enough to promote change and progress.
- Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am (online only). Register at Ascend Center.


Embracing your Pregnancy through Movement.
This class will be an experience for each pregnant woman to be at home in her everchanging body. We will go through a traditional Gyrokinesis exercise class, which incorporates breath, fluidity, and three dimensional movement, with a focus on modifications for each woman’s needs. You will learn strengthening exercises in order to handle the increased weight of baby, and the new demands that your body will encounter in delivery and recovery. You will learn breath meditations to reduce stress and to help channel your energy during labor and delivery. You will be guided through movement sequences in a low-impact and enriching way to keep your energy balanced and alive. You will be in a supportive environment that teaches you to listen, to love, and to embrace your pregnancy and all that it will bring.
- Schedule TBA


24 hour cancellation policy
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