Private Services

Gyrotonic exercise builds a strong, flexible body that begins with the focus on moving the spine in all of its possible ranges of motion. The exercise sequences promote a decompression of the joints, which leads to a pain-free and happy body. You address stability through principles of opposition, fluidity, and a mind-body connection. It uses versatile weight-and-pulley based equipment to allow for resistance and assistance for all fitness levels and body types. You will feel stronger, taller, more alert, and more mobile with each session.


Gyrokinesis sessions work within the same principles of Gyrotonic exercise, but do so without the weight-and-pulley based equipment. It is a mat class that focuses on repetition, flow, breath, and using your own body’s spatial awareness and resistance. It is a wonderful way to become comfortable with material that you can do anywhere, so your practice can continue to deepen outside of the studio.


- Gyrotonic private and semi-private.
- Gyrokinesis private, semi-private, and classes.
- Cash and check only, no credit cards.
- 24 hour cancellation policy.
- Rates provided upon request.

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